Automatic Slide Stainer
Automatic slide stainer with XY translator

Completely programmable

Multi-basket-protocol for histology
and citology slide staining

The Intelsint AUS is a modern high throughput XY stainer, specifically designed for the operators safety and protection.

A total of 40 stations are available distributed on 3 rows. 28 reagent tanks are allocated in 2 rows with 4 removable racks (mid and back row, 7 tanks for each rack), an additional front row contains 5 tanks for flowing water, 2 input and 3 output tanks on a sliding-drawer with baskets sensors, the remaining 2 positions of the front row are fitted with warm air slide dryers.

All the structural internal parts are made in high quality stainless steel.  An integrated computer controls all operations and is endowed with a large touch-screen color monitor. The advanced software handles multiple staining protocols and bath schemes, with a graphic representation of the work in progress. The HMI is clear and intuitive. Standard keyboard and mouse can be connected for who does not like touch-screen operations.

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Through a simple and clear user interface every operation is under total control.

All 40 stations and all actuators with their status (agitation system, water valves, air filtration, dryers, sensors, IN/OUT drawer) are clearly represented on the color screen.

During the operating phases the end-effector in movement is shown (basket translator). It is possible to check the work in progress of each slide basket simply touching the related basket icon. Touching the reagent tanks it is possible in any moment to know their situation (contents, baskets processed, last change date).

It is possible to define 2 different reagent allocation schemes. (pre-defined baths configuration). For each bath it is possible to define up to 18 staining protocols, each one made by 28 steps.

Each step is made by:

  • reagent tank number (tank position)

  • time in seconds

  • time type (Open-Flex-Exact)

  • drip time

Optimized Protocols Scheduling

Thanks to complex software alghorithms
the protocols/baskets scheduling is optimized
in order to achieve the highest possible througput. All basket handling phases are previously scheduled and studied allowing
the end-effector time best usage.

The RMS assists the operator with a precise scheduling of the reagent substitution allowing high quality staining results. When the predefined number of stained baskets is exceeded the related tank is shown in red color, the reagent substitution can be made when the instrument is in stand-by mode and the action can be easily recorded in the RMS system.

Simple protocols monitoring
Bath schemes and staining protocols programming
Reagent Management System (RMS)

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