​​EFTP​ Plus

Histology Fast Tissue Processor


Fully enclosed, "state of the art" featured, safe and highly reliable, the Intelsint EFTP Plus is the safest and most cost effective answer for the FAST BIOPSIES PROCESSING and the overnight tissue processing needs of every Histology laboratory.

The EFTP Plus is the fastest non-microwave tissue processor today available. Up to 450 biopsies can be safely processed in 40 minutes. This result can be achieved with traditional reagents or with most of the Xylene and Ethyl alcohol substitutes available on the market.

The reagents heating is safely performed during their filling into the sample processing chamber without any delay by a patented device called EHE (Enhanced Heat Exchanger). Only three reagents (plus fixation) are necessary to succesfully and rapidly process biopsies. Every sample is evenly warmed at the desired temperature since the very beginning of each processing step. Any risk of overheating is avoided thanks to the special conformation and the multiple safety devices of the EHE.

New features on the Plus Model:


  • Backlighted reagent tanks ​ to facilitate the evaluation of the reagent leve inside the tank

  • Backlight with color change related to the satus of the reagent:

    • Greeen color = Reagent good

    • Red color      = Reagent need to be changed

  • RFID sensor on each tank (12 sensors per instrument) to check:

    • Tank present/not present

    • Tank in correct/uncorrect position 

    • Tank inserted currectly/not inserted correctly

    • Tank containing the correct reagent for that position (only for tanks prefilled in the factory with Intelsint tag)

The new features of the PLUS model are strictly related to the RMS system and allow to:

  • Reduce drastically the possibilty to make erros during the management of the reagents.

  • Make the work of the laboratoy technician easier and safer

  • Increase the quality of processing

  • Reduce the risk of samples over or under processed

  • Reduce teh quantity of samples that need to be reprocessed (tis can occur during the use of any type or model of tissue processors when

       the quality of the reagenrts is not managed correctly)

Technical Specification EFTP Plus
ETP-EFTP Plus - Specifiche tecniche EN.p
EFTP Plus - Start Process
EFTP Plus - Start Process
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EFTP Plus - Remote Fill Drain
EFTP Plus - Remote Fill Drain
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EFTP Plus - Process Editing
EFTP Plus - Process Editing
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18 Process Available
Drag & Copy Function
Controlled Field Value
Most used process Function
Easy end of process setting
Graphic process controls
Reagent level check
Partial reagent load
Info function to check "at a glance" the most important instrument parameters
Reagent quality check
To change the reagents easily
without removing tanks.
Graficv RFID Control
Reagent quality check
Easy and intuitive HMI
RFID connected with RMS
Fast and fully automated
2 Ports for reagents
1 Port for paraffins
ETP-EFTP Plus - Caratteristiche  EN_edit